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At 100thanks 2017, we launched the podcast during a live panel at the MMoCA. I spoke with guests Joy Tang, Mo Cheeks, and Maddy Niebauer about their stories and how they’ve built successful careers as entrepreneurs. Links 1 Million Cups: https://www.1millioncups.com 100state: https://100state.com 100thanks 2017: http://100thanks2017.splashthat.com 1871 Coworking Space: https://1871.com CareX Consulting (Rachel Neill): http://carexconsultinggroup.com Doyenne Group: http://www.doyennegroup.org Forward Fest: http://forwardfest.org Markable: https://markable.ai MIOsoft: https://www.miosoft.com vChief (Virtual Chief of Staff): http://www.virtualchiefofstaff.com  

He’s a designer and an entrepreneur, but he’s also Muslim. In this episode, we’ll talk to Ibrahim about his business and how it’s influenced by his religion. Links IH Concepts: http://www.ihconceptsonline.com/

100state is an amazing and crazy space where wild things constantly happen. We take a peek inside the heads of the entrepreneurs that make these things happen, and use their stories to define what entrepreneurship really is. From artificial intelligence to cricket farmers, we’ll bring you the untold stories of the Madisonians working to change the world. Links 100thanks 2017